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Surf and Ocean photography and videography.
Surf and Ocean photography and videography.


I am Lara, a freelance photographer and filmmaker from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here you will find my latest works, some good adventures around the world, beautiful memories and some messy thoughts along the way.

In this creative world I've submerged myself the last couple of years I found a way to express myself, but most importantly, I found a way to discover who I am and what I'm passionate about this life.
Sunrises, Surf and Stories.

I've discovered that nothing inspires me more than waking up early to watch a breathtaking sunrise, that surfing a wave can teach you more about life than you can ever imagine, and that we all have a story to tell, a message to spread that can make this world a little bit better.
So with each picture and video I create, I try to express those messages and lessons I learn while I try to figure out my own story, my voice.


Welcome to a little piece of my world

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