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To the ocean

Its been two years now since the last time we met this way.

All these months I´ve been trying to see you with other eyes,

but it was about time to experience all that I always talk so much.

So here I am,

patiently waiting on my board under the blue sky.

Waves start to show up

and I try to keep my balance while I paddle hard.

But time goes by and all I can feel is your strengths underneath,

while I fall down and spin around in your arms.

“Why do I love this so much?”

is all I can think about right now,

while weakness starts to fill up my mind.

Don’t get me wrong,

I am having fun though,

but wasn’t you supposed to make me feel so much more?

So you respond with one of these magical waves of yours,

and after a thousand tries, I manage to stand up,

surfing one of the best waves of my life.

In that moment I realice,

that´s what is all about,

five seconds of pure enlightenment

while I ride by your side.


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