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3 seconds decisions

Its 5:30 in the morning and the alarm starts to ring loudly enough to wake you up at once. Your eyes are tired, the room is freezing and the only thing you can think about is staying in bed for at least one more hour. You start to come up with plenty of different excuses of why you shouldn’t do it, but in a 3 second decision you stop thinking about it and jump out of bed.

One hour traveling, and the first rays of light begin to appear. Some surfers start to show up, and all those excuses you submerged yourself once disappear in an instant while the sky fires up one more time.

Sometimes in life, you will find one million excuses why you shouldn’t do it, but keep in mind and embrace that only reason why you should, because that’s what everything is about, those small 3 second decision that without even noticing can turn your life upside down.

- Lara Borzone


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