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Raw salt water drops

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Have you ever stood in front of a rock waiting?

Waiting for this infinite amount of cristal water to crash on the rock and expand into uncountable bright parts all over the place. Is it going to touch it slowly just covering the bottom of the rock?

Or is it going to crash on it so hard that your gonna be amazed by seeing something so powerful? The ocean, infinite amount of salt water drops that, with a little bit of wind, can take unique shapes. Sometimes small, so small that you can’t even see it. Other times big enough to create this wall that falls slowly becoming that perfect wave lighted by the sun. And others,

the drops move so fast with such strength that they crash and spread out in the blue sky. Each time, something special happens, and the size doesn´t matter. Big or small, they are all raw parts of this incredible thing that we know as ocean. So this is my ocean, full of messy moments and beautiful memories. Waves, trips and sunrises, those are my little drops that fills me up. Which is yours?

-Lara Borzone


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