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Embrace the ocean

It’s been almost two years now, And the same feeling of enlightenment runs through every inch of your body every time you spot it near by. You could be there watching for hours without even noticing time is passing fast, because each day shows up in an unique way no matter what. Sometimes it looks so calm, pure and bright, that reminds you everything will be alright. But other ones can seem tough, chaotic and dark, like the swirl of emotions that‘ve been fulfilling you for a very long time. Raw, beautiful and scary, all at the same time. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ But there you are, watching it from far away behind, allowing your fears to silent your heart. “What if I can’t go out, feel lonely and trap?” You though more than once, believing that maybe you are too old to even try. And yes, It’s going to be scary, challenging and hard, But free up your mind and sumerge yourself deep inside. Because you are gonna feel truly alive, Once you embrace the ocean and both become one.


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