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Enlightened soul

4 am and the alarm goes on.

You jump out of bed,

and make it to the train in perfect timing for catching the sunrise.

After weeks waiting for it now,

you´ll finally appreciate something so magical as watching the sunrise from inside the water.


10 min goes,

20 min more,

“I knew I shouldn’t trust bus schedules”, you say to yourself after waiting for 40 min.

A little voice shows up,

starting to quiet that excitement you feel inside

by saying that things are not going to be the way you planned.


With way less enthusiasm than before,

you make it to the beach just to find out the sky horizon was surrounded by clouds.

And now, the only thing you can think about is going back,

leave this grey day behind and come back again another time.


But beside all those negative thought going through your mind,

the feeling of excitement you once had, was deep enough to make you stay for a while.

And seconds after that,

the sun starts to show up as a bright white circle behind the clouds.

The sky starts to fire up,

and you find yourself running into the ocean as fast as you can.

Even a few surfers show up to have some fun.


So next time, even if things don’t come up the way you planned,

let every negative thought go by,

and embrace to that one thing that enlighten your soul.

Because maybe,

that day you almost give it for lost,

turns up to be way better than you could ever imagine.


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