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Have you ever felt lost?

You are standing in the beach, with your favorite wetsuit on and your board on your hand. Standing still, waiting. Until you see it, that beautiful swell coming. So you run into the sea, jump on your board and you start paddling, with your head up and your eyes looking forward, you know exactly where you are going. But the water starts to pull you into a different direction. Sometimes you feel it clear enough, so you start paddling harder, trying to stay on your path. But others, you don’t even notice it. You just keep paddling. Until unexpectedly, a wave pulls you from your board and makes you stop. Suddenly, you find yourself sumerge in a big storm in the middle of the sea, and you realize it, you are lost. You have no idea where you are, where you are heading to, and you don’t even know who you are anymore. And thats okey. Moments like that are more powerful than we think. Moments where the only thing you can do is lay on the water and embrace yourself. Stay true to who you are and how you feel. Maybe you want to go back to the place where everything started, maybe you don’t. You want to start paddling again forward that beautiful swell that once caught your attention. Or maybe, that big storm you ve been paddling through teached you a few lessons, and you realice you are not the same anymore and you want to paddle into another direction. No matter what you decide and what path you choose to paddle through now, remember to enjoy the ride, stop to look around once in a while, embrace that moment, and connect with your true-self.

- Lara Borzone


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