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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

I don’t know what it is about this picture that makes me love it so much.

Maybe its the way the sky fires up in a powerful orange,⠀

Maybe its that surfer riding the lighten wave just below the sun that’s trying to hide behind him.⠀

Or maybe, is that fraction of second of moment this picture hides behind, quiet sunset sessions with my sister on a short trip, running after some local surfers so I can get some shots. All that and more, capture in a fraction of second.⠀


Small pieces of time that, if you let them, can turn your life around.⠀

Sometimes they can pass us by without we even notice, but others, if you are aware enough, it can transform those little details into powerful experiences that you can’t even put into words.

Maybe its the sweet taste of your morning coffee,⠀

Maybe its the cloth you are wearing today and the way it makes you feel about yourself,⠀ Maybe it's the adventure you dive into while reading your favorite book,⠀

Maybe its a crazy night out with your friends,⠀

Or maybe, it's the liberating feeling while you sing in the shower at Benyocé´s rhythm.⠀ The smell, the taste, the sound, the colors or the company.⠀

Whatever it is, find those moments, embrace them, and save them in your heart. ⠀

Fill up your soul with magical little moments that brighten up your life.

Like this picture brightens mine.

- Lara Borzone


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