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Unexpected reflections

A 10kg bag in my back, two hours walking, and the deep feeling I’ll be in the right moment at the right time. Following my steps with no direction at all, just searching around until I’ve found one of the most powerful sunsets I’ve seeing in a while. After I putted everything back, ready to go home, I raised my head up one more time and found this magical reflection on a building’s glass. In that moment I realized thats what I was supposed to find. Because sometimes, when you want something deeply enough, but you find yourself surrounded by so much uncertainty that you don’t know where to start, the only thing you can do is keep moving forward, step by step, and trust. Trust that you´ll get there and reach what you want, you´ll be in the right moment at the right time, but be aware and open enough, because sometimes, things and opportunities can show up in the more unexpected way you can ever imagine, and maybe, if you don’t raise your head up, you can miss your chance.

- Lara Borzone


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