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Upside Down

There you go,

with certainty and excitement paddling forward,

with your eyes looking up and your mind in the finish line.

All of a sudden,

this huge amount of water drops come fast towards you.

Before you can even move or think about it,

it drags you down deep inside,

where everything seems dark.

You start to swim as hard as you can,

with no direction this time,

just the profound desire of finding a way out.

Desperation, anxiety and fear

take over every inch of your body and mind,

making you feel like you are drowning in there.

Until you realice it,

it doesn’t matter how hard you try to scape from where you are,

fighting against it would only make it worst.


the only thing you can do is try to peace your mind,

calm down and go with the flow.

Let those unexpected moments of uncertainty pull you down and spin you around upside down.

Because it won’t last forever,

and when you less expect it,

the chaos will pass,

and you’ll be able to come back to the surface and keep paddling one more time.


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