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Watching the clock pass

“Wait and trust, Be patient, Good things take time” you have heard more than once. So there you are, Waiting, All by yourself watching the clock pass. But after a while, Doubts show up, And you start to think if it’s worthy enough. Feeling stuck for being in the same uncomfortable situation for a very long time. “Why the hell am I even here?” you ask, While the only thing you can think about is run fast, leave everything behind without looking back. But for some reason, You hold yourself back, Standing where you are, Waiting one more time. Because deep inside, You know that loneliness will pass, And when you less expected, That swell you were waiting so badly, will come. So, When someone tells you to wait and trust, hold on to that, even if it sucks, it drives you crazy and mad. Because, it’s not going to be easy, But it will be completely worthy,

when you find yourself riding the best waves of your life.

- Lara Borzone


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